Tech Support Guidelines & Assistance Page

Here are some basic "how to's" that may assist if you have questions or can't see the download buttons/figure out how to save, etc.


  • Just go/return to the Mastery School at any time, by saving the link below:
  • Login/Out (Top right hand corner)
  • Find all digital content/courses under "My Dashboard" (top left corner). Click to start or resume.
  • Once you have entered the program/course, then click on the icon to go to that specific section/module to begin/resume. If you have marked a section complete, you can resume at anytime by clicking this menu icon.

If you are having trouble seeing the programs that you've registered for, please logout and then back in to see if it resets your access with the purchased/newly added content.

Need to update/change your billing/account info? Go to "you" in the top right hand corner of the Mastery School and click on "My Account" to locate your account options.

Downloading: For digital downloads via a PC, you can click on the download button or right click to "save as". On a Mac, when you click to download it goes to a player screen. Just right click/save as (or "command" "S") to then save to a designated folder. Many use iTunes or DropBox to access files for listening on repeat during sleep. Apple Support/YouTube/"How To" Search can assist with you with the steps for this.  

Be sure to scroll to the bottom of the content screens to see the "download" and "next" buttons, that are not always visible on certain devices/screens. 


Here are example screen shots for where you enter your special code on the cart/purchase page. Be sure to "apply" and zero/decrease the amount according to the offer you are taking advantage of. Whether pre-paid through a summit or a code received through another offering, be sure the amount reflects appropriately before proceeding to "pay". ♥

*** For more specific information regarding PC's, Mac or iphones/ipads, click here.

Zoom help pages:

How to Join a Zoom Meeting:

Mute & Unmute:

Join by Telephone (Commands at the Bottom):


I, along with Eve and (and the whole Hong Kong Team), have been working to make more available to all. As we re-work, add, streamline and accomplish, we post/publish/announce. Because so many are experiencing massive expansion and "thinking" is very different than before, it takes longer to sit and figure things out, by going deep inside and waiting/listening/opening our heart and pineal gland. Our Lightbodies process Data differently, so each must go inside/tune to "see/find" their new answers. It takes a lot of patience to step back/away and process Light Intelligence differently than before. Our old brains don't work linearly), the higher we all go. There's no one to "ask" to "do it for us" anymore. We actually have to "Google it" and use "Wikipedia" and other research/reSESOURCEs to figure things out. We don't get to "act" like we can't anymore. 

So, with that in mind, we are all working each day to make more available, yet each must "do their part". Pointing all inside, even for technical stuff... as it's become mind-blowing at many still don't hold respect when it comes to valuing each's time/energy.  Re-educating can be exhausting and it takes a lot of energy on all of our parts to be fully present, in-tune and ready to "learn" all new ways now, in every moment of every day. 

If we allow it, our service work can be beyond inundating, and SO many are now constantly emailing with "do it for me, I don't want to slow down and figure it out" energies, as well as "will you do more for me than you already are"?. The answer is "no, with love", because each one of us is fully capable, and exploring/figuring it out, is a part of Higher Mind Consciousness processes of shifting multi-dimensionally. We all have to "learn" all new ways, open our hearts all of the way up, slow down and learn to respect the space we are in and each's VALUE our own Energy and the Energy of all. "Time" is Energy. We learn to RESPECT ENERGY in all new ways here. We have to minimize, prioritize and let a whole lot of everything go, in order to keep up with these immense acceleration frequencies, while increasingly accomplishing and managing infinite realities too. We handle that which is necessary, serves the much bigger picture, while staying focused and keeping all fully vibrationally aligned. There's absolutely no way to reply/work with each person individually, other than individual opportunities offered, which is why we offer/provide so much. For each to have access to our Vast Living Libraries of Resources, as well as continued acceleration opportunities and contributing/support opportunities too. ♥

Our tech "support" is different. It's Guidance. We provide what's appropriate and Guide/Point each inside to figure the rest out. The devices each choose to use, read the instructions, watch some videos on "how" to accomplish what you want. That's how we do it. ♥


After reading and attempting to resolve, using these guidelines to assist, if you are still having issues or can't figure something out, Email us regarding your purchase/registration via the Tech Support/Guidance Contact Form. You may be asked to provide receipts/purchase confirmations and/or the type of computer/devices you are using, so that we can further research to reply/assist. ♥