The Mysteries of the Universe are revealed energetically as one awakens to Higher Consciousness Existence here. Through vibrational activations within, exposure, experiencing and the repetition of applying new patterns, practices and beliefs, one can open up access to infinite gifts, wisdom/knowledge and loving, magical experiences of higher dimensional realms to continually experience now.

The identification of old unconscious patterns/habits, the honoring of triggered and suppressed emotions, the observing and hearing of programmed thoughts that created limited mindsets and each's decision to commit to their own soul/spirit evolution here are just a few ways of how one takes command of their entire reality again.

The KEY (code) is PRESENCE , in/of your body/self, with your thoughts, emotions, actions, beliefs and mentalities, so that you can gain the understanding that you need in order to master all from within.

Your exchanges, your openness/resistance, your everything depends on you. Sacred abundance, love, magic, peace, bliss, happy, kindness, compassion and respect are experienced BECAUSE of the Vibrational ENERGY that you hold, transmit and Master. Openness to receive means removing the limits that you place on all, the hidden energies that you believe/hold you back from fully experiencing your dreams in every moment.

No more stories or excuses to keep you victim, no more waiting on others... this is YOUR TIME to SHINE your LIGHT so bright that all are affected by your loving, subtle and powerful presence.

Your vibration dictates, your dedication dictates, your actions dictate, that which you "spend" your time and energy on --- THIS CREATES. Every particle of your physical reality...

Everything that WE do/are/share is for higher consciousness existence for all. Raising vibrations of all of your bodies: mental, emotional, physical, spirit/soul/energy and your entire physical reality too!

We SIMPLIFY - show you your POWER(S) and gifts, multitudes of choices, show you how, answer the why's --- provide you tools and knowledge for YOU to APPLY and to completely take command AS your higher selves ... to experience the realities you most desire here.

All Light Encoded, we activate/assist you with the natural and intentional activation of Sacred Geometric Key-Codes & Sequences, Ancient Knowledge and Wisdom, and your Crystalline LightBody for anchoring in your own physical body's gridwork, so that you can fulfill our own Soul's purposes/missions/roles as a NEW Earth Light Grid Keeper and Advanced NEW Earth HUman here.

This is a vast and intricate process that occurs over the Separation of Time. When you are intentionally collapsing timelines to JUMP Quantum Style, everything occurs in this Now.

Here, WE bypass the perceived limits of time and space and fixed perceptions... WE relax and expand the Quantum Field, decode and obliterate the old Matrix Gridworks to come to exist as the Unified Field here. WE open portals to previously locked dimensions, so that the magical magnificence and beauty can arrive/materialize "faster" here.

Join us to expand your own consciousness further, open your heart completely, debunk the old beliefs, gain tools to navigate with greater ease and to catapult/expedite your own Embodiment Process here. This brings forth more abundant flow of your dormant dreams and desires for you to experience now.

Each course, program, call and series will go into depth to cover the applicable topics. Our realities are non-linear, so these programs will be non-linear too.... yet we can take this non-linear existence and shape it to our new existence, while observing linear realities.... we do not try to fit or squeeze into those anymore... we make up our own and shape our new realities according to this!

We SIMPLIFY the Mysteries of the "Unknown". To our human aspect this is unknown. To our soul, this totally make sense and we REMEMBER it all again. We all KNOW EVERY BIT OF THIS... it's just got to be activated so that we can anchor it in our own physical realities here.

Merging holographic realities into this physical one is an art.... WE assist and guide you BACK to our Existence forgotten. Fully awakening your own Soul/Spirit Consciousness INSIDE your physical body, triggers a huge transformation, reconfiguration, constant re-calibration and continual re-alignment to occur. Understanding is key. Knowledge is POWER. Your Soul is Pure. It comes through as you clear the old programs that you hold inside of you.

These activations of ancient key-codes, knowledge and wisdom, activate and return your powers, gifts and abilities to utilize to assist all in Remembering fully and experiencing higher dimensional conscious existence here. Physical evolution of your body and realities and the merging of all dimensions in this physical space here.

Mastering the physical means that you clear and transcend your own distortions to come to clarity as a Multi-Dimensional Light BEing here.  As you fully invest in you and your own Soul, you invest in all of us, hUmaNITY and further evolving our New Earth too, becoming a very important and beneficial contributor, bridger and supporter in our NEW Earth societies and civilizations that we are all creating/bring forth/anchoring together as LOVE here. 

We are honored to have you join our beautiful family and communities, whether recorded or live events, your energy combines with ours and you receive by being here, being open and ready to embrace to your fullest capacity too.

Welcome and Aloha from from our heart-soul to yours! Let's get started!!!

♥ Lisa Transcendence Brown ♥