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This is now a recorded event.

11 1/2 hours of Live Group Teaching Discussions + additional activation content listed in curriculum section.



NEW EARTH is awakened, activated and anchored through your LightBody (DNA) and occurs through Sacred Divine Soul Union from deep within. 

A huge part of this massive Evolutionary process is awakening to all that is not aligned on a Soul Level and learning/remembering "how" to do all of this with greater ease. This Course/Program/Inner-Active Event is focused on assisting you/all with this.

3D/4D were held in place through "Dependency" programs/conditioning, maintained from a place of Separation within us, from our own Pure Source Light Consciousness, which "returns" as we awaken to our own Light inside. As each does, "REAL"ities start to shift. This is an important part of each's Ascension/Awakening/Remembering processes here. 

With this inner-active teaching discussion, we will touch on/address various topics, in order to assist, empower, UPLIFT,  and INSPIRE (which supports) each truly ready to embrace on a whole new level and RETURN TO FULL POWER from inside, AS LOVE.

Consciousness is LOVE. Consciousness is PURE LIGHT. Consciousness is US when we are LIVING from this magical, magnificent, beautiful, peaceful, blissful and abundant place inside. 

Ready to activate more of YOUR OWN LIGHT? Ready to embrace, hold and explore as the inquisitive innocent child, while reshaping, recreating, returning to what was "lost/forgotten", as we all "fell from Pure Source Consciousness" to "live beneath the veils"?

This is a "Dissolving/Veil Removal" course/program, designed to assist you with REMEMBERING and activating where you already hold this knowledge, power and pure love deep inside of you!

Discussion Topics:

  • Finding/Re-Connecting with your own Inner-Higher Consciousness/Dimensional Light (Power/Love)
  • BEing Responsible for YOUR Own Energy/REALity
  • Gifting Responsibility Back for others to do the same
  • Exercising Sacred Respect, Love, Integrity, Kindness for all
  • Sovereignty Through Soul Union within your Sacred Body Vessel
  • How the human needs boundaries, whereas the Soul holds Sacred Respect for ALL
  • Learning to "Hold Your Own" Space as LOVE
  • The Importance of Saying "NO"/"That's No Longer Acceptable as My REALity Anymore". 
  • Observing without Judgment for the purpose of Deciding what's aligned/aligning as your Higher Self
  • Working together in Unity and AS Love
  • The Importance of Separate Paths 
  • Dissolving Dependency Consciously
  • Observing what you are Dependent on and taking measurable steps to shift this yourself
  • Embracing, Honoring, Building, Re-generating, Holding and Transmitting Your Light at-will
  • Feeling/Realizing: Energetic push/pull, draining/sucking, inspiring/uplifting, expanding/contracting, imposing/manipulation energies and "how" to "deal" as love.
  • Merging and Separating of Fields
  • Cutting Cords of Attachment
  • Stop worrying about what "others" are doing and focus on YOU
  • Identities and Conscious Dissolution
  • Photonic/Crystalline LightBody DNA as a basis for all
  • Distortions/Discord
  • Harmonizing/Synchronizing/Tuning
  • Divine Timing/Divine Flow
  • Getting your "new" going
  • The Importance of Sacred Space
  • Conscious Up-Shifting, Up-Leveling and Calling forth your "new"
  • Anchoring, creating, building NEW Earth REALities from within you
  • Zero Point/Presence/Creation Point

Note: We don't give you the answers. We show you how to get your own, how to ask/listen/connect and bring forth your own higher self guidance from within. You will be directed inside if you ask a question that's yours to ask of your own Universal/Higher Self. This is the opposite of ask another for "the answer", as it will change as you elevate, expand, come into Union and Live from this place fully too. 

Course/Program Standards:

There are no refunds on Lisa's work, as all works on a Quantum/Multi-Dimensional level, not a linear one.

All courses are conducted from a Quantum Level of Consciousness (which "seem" to be "all over the place", yet this is vibrational, energetic and geometric, non-linear and pulls the pieces together into one “picture” so each can understand more/see). Additional is by way of receipt of Avatar Consciousness Light Codes transmitted on an energetic level through your own presence/openness as you join/begin. The words are light encoded activations within themselves, spoken to assist each with bringing through new awareness and to immerse yourself in higher/highest consciousness energy to assist with accelerating your own heart/higher mind consciousness expansion here. 

As an additional gift, your registration completion will also automatically sign you up for Lisa’s Multi-Dimensional Consciousness Supporting NewsLetter, at which you can unsubscribe (bottom of each newsletter/announcement) at any time. 

Lisa Transcendence Brown, B.Msc., is a globally recognized WayShower, Author, Transformational & Evolutionary Code-Speaker, Quantum Catalyst, Mentor/Teacher/Coach/Guide, New Earth Physical Body Ascension & Empowerment Guide, Master (Quantum) De-Programmer, assisting others in Awakening To Remembering fully and Living Mastery from within. Consciously holding herself Energetically as a Unified Ascended Master Light BEing (Embodiment), she holds vast Multi-Dimensional Templates and Codes for Living NEW Earth, and through various Levels of Service, shares Divine Intelligence/Knowledge/Wisdom/Codes to support, guide, assist, uplift, empower all truly ready to embrace Living this fully within themselves too. As a highly respected Evolutionary, Visionary, Oracle, and Quantum Re-Educator, Lisa is regarded as an expert on our Plasma Crystalline LightBody DNA Evolution, Multi-Dimensional Consciousness/Energy Mastery and Living Our Super Quantum NEW Earth Existence NOW. She shares from her own experiences and works through the Expanded Unified Field as Pure Love with a focus on transformation and expansion beyond one’s current physical reality perceptions and beliefs. All of her works are Light Encoded to activate and raise the vibrational frequency (Consciousness) of those who are open to receive and to assist with the Evolution of HUmanity through Global Consciousness re-education too. She teaches (and Simplifies) Quantum Logistics and Quantum Dynamics of our Photonic DNA Evolution as it occurs on a Multi-Dimensional Level now, yet not in a linear fashion, but instead, a Light Encoded Expansive Quantum one. She holds a Bachelors of Metaphysical Science (B.Msc.) from the University of Metaphysical Sciences and is the author of two world-renowned books: “Awakening to Remembering: A Journey of Consciousness” and “Navigating Dimensions: Reminders for Remembering, Awakening & Ascension Guide Book”, with several more on the way!​

Lisa Transcendence Brown, B.Msc.

Multi-Dimensional/Quantum Mastery & NEW Earth/OverSoul Embodiment Guide

Course curriculum

  • 01

    Included Additional Activations

    • Our NEW Earth Decree & Declaration as a Cosmic BEing (Online Written Activation to Assist with Sovereignty)

    • Written Activation: Because I LOVE You on a SOUL Level, I Refuse...

    • Quantum LightBody DNA Activation: Everything is an Activation for the Embodiment of Higher Light (MP3 Audio)

    • Quantum LightBody DNA Activation: Divine Sacred Union Partnerships (17 minutes 13 seconds)

  • 02

    Archived Recorded Video Replays (Viewable from within this module)

    • Transcending Dependency Through Sovereignty (Day 1): 6hrs 23minutes

    • Transcending Dependency Through Sovereignty (Day 2) 5hrs 10minutes (Speaker's View)

  • 03

    Archived Downloadable MP3 Audio Replays

    • MP3 Audio Part 1: 6hrs 23min

    • MP3 Audio Part 2: 5hrs10minutes


Mayla Lambert Amaron

5 star rating

“So grateful to all who participated in this course and to Lisa for such expansive sharing. So many keys of wisdom in here that unlocked more of my consciousness and allowed me to see from new perspectives. This course is such beautiful assistance ...”

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“So grateful to all who participated in this course and to Lisa for such expansive sharing. So many keys of wisdom in here that unlocked more of my consciousness and allowed me to see from new perspectives. This course is such beautiful assistance in understanding what sovereignty is and how to embody it in our new earth realities! Thank you. Mayla Xx”

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Irina Kostadinova

5 star rating

“I never came across anybody else on Earth who explains, supports, understands awakening and ascension as Lisa does. Endless love and gratitude!”

“I never came across anybody else on Earth who explains, supports, understands awakening and ascension as Lisa does. Endless love and gratitude!”

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niki greenfield

5 star rating