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This is a self-paced online Video Course that challenges your mindsets, assists with unification, transcending old beliefs through releasing the old perceptions, boxes, limits, attachments, cords and needs. It will make you “think” through your heart. (Y)our job is to question the entire physical reality and come to re-create it totally from within. “That out there” is our projection, our hologram. WE take back our power and become programmers here.

These videos to activate that which you already hold within. These are to assist you with re-connecting AS SOURCE inside, MASTERING energy, accessing SUPER CONSCIOUSNESS and clearing old programs that kept you held in a limited dimension. All must fully open, so that new Crystalline DNA can activate and the NEW Earth structures can start to build inside of your physical body. The old structures will come down and your physical Lightbody upgrades, re-calibrates, re-configures, and reprograms. The heart and mind unify, and the physical body does too. All returning to pure to LIGHT again, radiating out from within. We explain the processes and how things work, while providing ways to REMEMBER fully and to come to exist beyond the old matrix and veils here.

This journey is sacred, magical and without understanding, embracing and intentional participation, can be extremely intense. We learn (remember) to play again. love again, be exquisite and magnificent abundant beings again. It is truly an honor to BE a part of your journey here!

You catapult as you integrate all into your awareness, moments and BEing here. These assist you with expanding your perspectives in a multitude of ways, seeing what was not visible before, releasing old limits and barriers and understanding how all truly works, AS a multi-dimensional being here!

These courses are meant to be "absorbed" & for you to go at your own pace!

  • Explanations, Exercises, How To's & Tools to tailor to your own journey!
  • Beneficial to all working to master one's own energy
  • This course is a GUIDE and activates your own ancient knowledge to that which you also already hold within!

This is an expanding comprehensive library of videos to assist you with an abundance of navigational tools for your multi-dimensional expansion into being your abundant and magnificent being again here. Embodiment AS a MASTER CREATOR and SOURCE. This is WHO we are. Energy and Pure Love. This will assist you in connecting and REMEMBERING again, from the inside out!

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**** P.S. This program follows the Walk-With-Me Online Video Course that has since been made available for free to all within the Mastery School too. Go add that one to your account to utilize prior, if this speaks to you. 

Testimonials: What Others Are Saying...

"If you have any question about what is going on with you and your reality right now, the Multidimensional Mastery course will have the answer. There are over fifty videos that cover hundreds of topics. Lisa will make you question everything you thought you knew about everything and expand your mind in the process. This course is about mastery of the self in every moment of every day. It is an excellent course on self-awareness, multiple perspectives, and entirely new ways to look at things. Lisa provides the tools and explains how to get you out of your head and into your heart, as well as how to stay in flow with the universe no matter what happens. Why do you do the things you do? This course has the answers. I love watching the videos over and over again because there is always new information, and a new way to look at things in the moment. Thank you, Lisa!" ♥ Elizabeth, CO

"Powerful, Inspiring & Transformative. I Love Lisa's "no fluff" approach to Ascension Mastery. Her work continues to be an Amazing asset to Our Ascension Journey. Thank you from my heart, Lisa, for assisting me in reclaiming my power and walking as an Ascended Master again." ♥ Steve Means

Lisa Transcendence Brown, B.Msc., is a globally recognized WayShower, Author, Transformational & Evolutionary Code-Speaker, Quantum Catalyst, Mentor/Teacher/Coach/Guide, New Earth Physical Body Ascension & Empowerment Guide, Master (Quantum) De-Programmer, assisting others in Awakening To Remembering fully and Living Mastery from within. Consciously holding herself Energetically as a Unified Ascended Master Light BEing (Embodiment), she holds vast Multi-Dimensional Templates and Codes for Living NEW Earth, and through various Levels of Service, shares Divine Intelligence/Knowledge/Wisdom/Codes to support, guide, assist, uplift, empower all truly ready to embrace Living this fully within themselves too. As a highly respected Evolutionary, Visionary, Oracle, and Quantum Re-Educator, Lisa is regarded as an expert on our Plasma Crystalline LightBody DNA Evolution, Multi-Dimensional Consciousness/Energy Mastery and Living Our Super Quantum NEW Earth Existence NOW. She shares from her own experiences and works through the Expanded Unified Field as Pure Love with a focus on transformation and expansion beyond one’s current physical reality perceptions and beliefs. All of her works are Light Encoded to activate and raise the vibrational frequency (Consciousness) of those who are open to receive and to assist with the Evolution of HUmanity through Global Consciousness re-education too. She teaches (and Simplifies) Quantum Logistics and Quantum Dynamics of our Photonic DNA Evolution as it occurs on a Multi-Dimensional Level now, yet not in a linear fashion, but instead, a Light Encoded Expansive Quantum one. She holds a Bachelors of Metaphysical Science (B.Msc.) from the University of Metaphysical Sciences and is the author of two world-renowned books: “Awakening to Remembering: A Journey of Consciousness” and “Navigating Dimensions: Reminders for Remembering, Awakening & Ascension Guide Book”, with several more on the way!​

Lisa Transcendence Brown, B.Msc.

Multi-Dimensional/Quantum Mastery & NEW Earth/OverSoul Embodiment Guide

Course curriculum

  • 01

    Course Intro:

  • 02

    Module 1:

    • MDM Course Video 1- Understanding & Becoming Energy

    • MDM Course Video 2- Shifting from Head to Heart

    • MDM Course Video 3- Expanding Perspectives & The Expansion Grid

    • MDM Course Video 4- The Importance of Sleep

    • MDM Course Video 5- Interactive Realities

    • MDM Course Video 6- Alternative Meditations & Sacred Space

    • MDM Course Video 7- Taking Your Power Back to BEcome a Powerful BEing Again

    • MDM Course Video 8- Presence, Thoughts, So What, Who Cares, That's Ridiculous, Wow

    • MDM Course Video 9- Surrender & Let Go To Become Your Higher Self

    • MDM Course Video 10- Navigating Dimensions, Confusion, Loss of Identities, Amnesia

  • 03

    Module 2:

    • MDM Course Video 11- Recognizing Versions & Aspects of Selves

    • MDM Course Video 12- Being A Survivor-Safe-Portals-Calling Forth REalities

    • MDM Course Video 13- The Human Aspect Needs Proof-Experience

    • MDM Course Video 14- Before a Dimensional Shift- Signs Anchoring Lucid Dream Here

    • MDM Course Video 15- Separation of Time, Merkaba, Identities

    • MDM Course Video 16- Come Back to Peace Inside

    • MDM Course Video- Untwist & Re 17-Twist Your Mind

    • MDM Video Course 18- LightBody, Merkaba, Food

    • MDM Video Course 19- As A Creator, Why Would I Have Created That?

    • MDM Video Course 20- Assumptions, Scenarios, What if?

  • 04

    Module 3:

    • MDM Course Video 21- Trying vs Flowing

    • MDM Course Video 22- Not Under-Valuing or Limiting Your Self

    • MDM Course Video 23- The Need for an Experience by Wanting Proof

    • MDM Course Video 24- Take Command of What Dimension You Are In

    • MDM Course Video 25- Pull Away, Go Inside, Take A Shower, Go Slow, Love You

    • MDM Course Video 26- Identify Your Aspects & Versions To Understand & Shift

    • MDM Course Video 27- Open Up To Love

    • MDM Course Video 28- Observe the Energy of Your Relationships & Exchanges

    • MDM Course Video 29- Old Programs, Anchors, Mentalities, Shift to Love (A Higher Dimension)

    • MDM Course Video 30- Turning Everything into Light

  • 05

    Module 4:

    • MDM Course Video 31- Lots of Dimensional Reminders & Messages in a Bottle

    • MDM Course Video 32- Aligning with Your Own Truth

    • MDM Course Video 33- Human Uses the Imagination to Create Old Illusions That Are No Longer True

    • MDM Course Video 34- Trusting All of Our Bodies To Release For Us As WE Embody Light

    • MDM Course Video 35- Spiritual Hierarchy

    • MDM Course Video 36- Understanding the Purpose of Things

    • MDM Course Video 37- Focus & Build Your Energy & The Old Programs Held Within

    • MDM Course Video 38- Boxes of the Mind, Studying Humans & Mastering Present Moment

    • MDM Course Video 39- Separate Your World to See It For What It Is & Unify all Within

    • MDM Course Video 40- Observe Different Dimensions, See, Shift, Command Your Light Ship & Universe

  • 06

    Module 5:

    • MDM Course Video 41- Where do you fear putting yourself out there? Leaving the safe space

    • MDM Course Video 42- Always Come Back to Love

    • MDM Course Video 43- Money, Abundance & Lack Energy

    • MDM Course Video 44- Motivation, Inspiration & Activation

    • MDM Course Video 45- Can You Create a Future without Attaching to It?

    • MDM Course Video 46- BEing In-Service - This isn't about you, but it is

    • MDM Course Video 47- Working & Seeing in Multiple Dimensions, Crystalline LightBody, Doing Nothing

    • MDM Course Video 48- You Don't Need a Physical Experience If You Can Clear it Yourself

    • MDM Course Video 49- What Are You Avoiding?

    • MDM Course Video 50- Who Am I? Who Am I Not? Clearing Identities & Creating New Ones

  • 07

    Bonus Videos:

    • MDM Course Video 51- Working Yourself Out of a Belief

    • MDM Course Video 52- WE Consciousness of ONE

  • 08

    THIS COURSE CONVERTED to Downloadable Audio Files (MP3's)

    • 52 MP3 Downloads


Yuri Couto

5 star rating

“Thank you Lisa for helping me on my journey. :)”

“Thank you Lisa for helping me on my journey. :)”

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Anna Laakkonen

5 star rating

“Thank You so much! I love the fact that everything is inside of us. We have the power to take our power pack and we create our universe. So simple but not. I got so much tools to continue my journey. And my heart and soul is filled with gratitude...”

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“Thank You so much! I love the fact that everything is inside of us. We have the power to take our power pack and we create our universe. So simple but not. I got so much tools to continue my journey. And my heart and soul is filled with gratitude. Love, love, love!”

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