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This is a recorded 4.5-hour interactive group teaching course regarding andaras, activating, working with and how they correlate to each's personal Crystalline/Christed Gridwork, as well as Gaia's/Galactically/Other Higher Dimensional Realms too! Recorded Replay available within 24 hours upon course completion.

Submit a review via this course once you've completed it, to also assist others seeking this information for their own Divine Journey here. This is a starter course to assist with expansion into our next phase of our own Quantum Evolutionary Embodiment Journey here.

Discussion Points/Topics:

  • What Are Andaras?
  • The Difference Between Andaras and Other Crystals
  • How to Work / Play / Activate with Andaras
  • Utilize Andaras to Activate Our Crystalline Consciousness
  • DNA / Cellular Reprogramming
  • The Importance of Colours
  • Sooooo very much more!

*All courses are light encoded and activate your multi-dimensional consciousness for further expansion.

This course is translated into Cantonese by our lovely HK/Asia instructor, Eve Chan.


備香港導師Eve Chan即場翻譯

* 視像錄影
* 課程完成96小時內會提供PDF供下載參考







  • 什麼是Andaras?
  • Andaras和其他水晶的分別
  • 如何使用,把玩,啟動Andaras?
  • Andaras啟動我們結晶化意識
  • DNA及 細胞的重新排序
  • 顏色的重要性
  • 還有更多的分享



Lisa Transcendence Brown, B.Msc., is a globally recognized WayShower, Author, Transformational & Evolutionary Code-Speaker, Quantum Catalyst, Mentor/Teacher/Coach/Guide, New Earth Physical Body Ascension & Empowerment Guide, Master (Quantum) De-Programmer, assisting others in Awakening To Remembering fully and Living Mastery from within. Consciously holding herself Energetically as a Unified Ascended Master Light BEing (Embodiment), she holds vast Multi-Dimensional Templates and Codes for Living NEW Earth, and through various Levels of Service, shares Divine Intelligence/Knowledge/Wisdom/Codes to support, guide, assist, uplift, empower all truly ready to embrace Living this fully within themselves too. As a highly respected Evolutionary, Visionary, Oracle, and Quantum Re-Educator, Lisa is regarded as an expert on our Plasma Crystalline LightBody DNA Evolution, Multi-Dimensional Consciousness/Energy Mastery and Living Our Super Quantum NEW Earth Existence NOW. She shares from her own experiences and works through the Expanded Unified Field as Pure Love with a focus on transformation and expansion beyond one’s current physical reality perceptions and beliefs. All of her works are Light Encoded to activate and raise the vibrational frequency (Consciousness) of those who are open to receive and to assist with the Evolution of HUmanity through Global Consciousness re-education too. She teaches (and Simplifies) Quantum Logistics and Quantum Dynamics of our Photonic DNA Evolution as it occurs on a Multi-Dimensional Level now, yet not in a linear fashion, but instead, a Light Encoded Expansive Quantum one. She holds a Bachelors of Metaphysical Science (B.Msc.) from the University of Metaphysical Sciences and is the author of two world-renowned books: “Awakening to Remembering: A Journey of Consciousness” and “Navigating Dimensions: Reminders for Remembering, Awakening & Ascension Guide Book”, with several more on the way!​

Lisa Transcendence Brown, B.Msc.

Multi-Dimensional/Quantum Mastery & NEW Earth/OverSoul Embodiment Guide

Course curriculum

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    Recorded Video Replay (4 hours & 34 minutes) Translated by Eve Chan

    • VIDEO: Recorded with a Live Hong Kong Group on Saturday, June 3 - Happy Activating! (4hrs 34 minutes)

    • MP3 Audio Only (4hrs34 min)

  • 02

    Take Advantage of Additional Free Online Information

    • Re-Program Program & Andara Info & Description Pages


crystal (aka sparkles) chase

5 star rating

“This course is loaded with a lot awesome information. ”

“This course is loaded with a lot awesome information. ”

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Hester Cheung

5 star rating

“Hello 🌸🌸❤️🌈🌈 Thank you Lisa to share a lot of information to me and Thanks Eve to translated all of information, useful & powerful! Thank you❤️❤️”

“Hello 🌸🌸❤️🌈🌈 Thank you Lisa to share a lot of information to me and Thanks Eve to translated all of information, useful & powerful! Thank you❤️❤️”

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