For our launch, we've decided to go with "alternative pricing". We list the full course value (this can't really be done, as we can't put a worldly price on what we do and returning to Mastery/Full Remembering here), which is a value that is as close to the content, activating and assistance you receive through the knowledge and light-encoded information that we share with you. Then we put a reasonable price on the package, course, series, content and then we set up additional amounts (located at the beginning of each course page) that you can choose from to fit your own capabilities, respect for our work, circumstances and situations... in order to make all more available to everyone!

We ask that you honor from inside, that you recognize the benefit of the work and that your payment is not paying us, it's you investing in you and reciprocating so that we can keep providing even more for us all. We utilize everything to continue to be in service, to fulfill our own soul's purposes and missions here. We turn around and take everything and put it back into our NEW Earth Existences here. We use all to provide support in a multitude of ways. To us, we pay for those we respect, we support in every way and we allow those who are ready to do the same.

We learned a long time ago that the moment we "pull that trigger" and tell our Universe that we are ready, we are committed, we are DOING IT... then our UNIVERSE RETURNS and gifts us in a multitude of ways. This is a vibrational existence of non-linear receiving... all comes/arrives/materializes in response to us.

This will apply to you and all as well. The moment you are try ready, truly committed, truly "go for it" with honor, love and respect, the moment YOU OPEN THOSE PORTALS to walk through and start to experience MORE of your own infinite everything here!

For now, we've chosen to do this for the month of December 2016/January 2017 for the Mastery School Launch. If this honor system works then we may decide to continue it for awhile. Program prices can change at any time, be run on special offer at any time, so keep an eye out and jump on it. We don't do "adjustments" for specials. All payments are contributions, gifts and greatly appreciated for they assist us in awakening more Divine Souls to the magnificence of our higher consciousness existence here!

So, you choose the full price or an alternative option listed. You can always come back and make a donation/contribution later. We have many do this! It's awesome and greatly appreciated too!